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Over 12 year’s period, probably the largest number of students for foreign education being one of the pioneering registered institutes with the government of Sri


Being one of the pioneering registered institutes with the government of Sri Lanka. As an accredited education agent to leading Universities and other higher educational providers in the world.


The Friendly Consultation and Counseling to select a study Course to match the academic background and to advice and guidance on appropriate Education Providers and a country to suit the student’s financial position.

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Listen to our Students

Since nearly a year, I was in touch with ACCHE for my IELTS and Visa Application, you guys always helped me a lot. Especially when visa was refused, Safeena akki and priyanga akki encouraged me for another try. It was really a turning point in my life. Finally I succeeded in obtaining my visa to study in Australia. It will change my future to continue my studies and achieve a better life style. I really value the friendly consultation ACCHE counselors offered me to find a pathway to achieve my goals and give my serious concern to contribute my knowledge and skills in my homeland. So I want to thank all of you, especially Mr.Moragoda, Mr.Thilakawardane, Safeena Akki and Priyanga Akki. All of you will be in my heart forever.
Bharatha Dayananda
Foundation Studies - CQ University, Australia
I would like to thank Mr.Moragoda and the staff, Mrs. Safeena and Mrs.Siriwardana, who guided me and helped me to obtain my Student Visa. They gave accurate consultation for me to select a course of study in the Bridge Water College, UK ultimately fulfilled may expectations. ACCHE provided me a very friendly guidance to prepare my visa documents. ACCHE staff is well experienced and knowledgeable in students’ visa procedure and as such, I can recommend students to seek ACCHE service to obtain their student visas if they are planning to follow UK study courses to build up their carriers. I am pleased to offer many thanks to ACCHE Managing Director and staff for their cooperation and assistance extended to me to obtain my student visa and the advice given to me to serve our country after receiving foreign education.
Chamari Perera
Bridge Water College
I am so happy for granting my student visa to study in UK. My husband and son also received dependent visas. Now I can do my studies in UK along with my family members. I always think seriously and thanks for the idea you gave me to offer my contribution to my country. However, I had to undergo a stressful period as my visa application processing took a very long time in spite of the fact that Mr. Moragoda and ACCHE staff members did an excellent job by perfecting necessary documentation and preparing my visa application file. I wish to express my sincere thanks and gratefulness to ACCHE for the efficient and excellent service I received.
Mignone Perera
BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business, City of London College
After I just completed my O/L examinations, I was in an idea of continuing my higher studies with my other sisters in Australia. First I went to another agent and there I was rejected in the cause of my very young age, where I had not done my A/Ls or followed a foundation program yet. Then I gave up the idea of going to Australia for my higher studies. However, for my fortune I came across the ACCHE and met Mr.Moragoda and his crew. He has supported my father in preparing all my financial and all other related documents in a proper and an organized way. We by now, are sure that if not have received my visas this soon. Now, I’m looking forward to start my foundation course. in the beginning of October. in SIBT college Sydney. As a result of this. I have received the privilege of being a graduate at a very young age. I and my parents give our most gratitude to Mr,Moragoda and his supportive staff for their at most dedication and service in this regard. We highly recommend this organization, ACCHE who are willing to go abroad.
Dileesha Sigera
Bachelor of Business Administration, Sydney Institute of Business and Technology
We must honestly thank the Managing Director Mr.Moragoda who guided us to won the opportunity to fly. Also we greatly appreciate you and your staff who gave great service to us. Mr.Moragoda, I and my husband, we like your strong personality because that is the success behind you. Especially your honest staff, Ms. Safeena, Ms.Yashika, Ms.Iresha and others gave their fullest support to fulfill our dream. Thank you all of you and your friendly dedication never fade away from me and my husband forever.
Dilini & Nalin
Diploma of Early Childhood Education, Wheteria Polytecnic New Zealand
I wish to say thank you very much to Mr. Moragoda Managing Director ACCHE and his staff for their excellent consultation to select my course of study and the college and guiding me to obtain my student visa me to UK. However, he explained the importance of serve our own country after receiving quality foreign education. I can direct students to avail of ACCHE service to obtain their visas to UK as ACCHE doing a genuine job.
Dineesha Maduwanthi
Diploma in Information System, Bliss College
I was having contact with ACCHE Maharagama for almost 1 year and seven months. I first met safeena and she explained us about the student visa procedure. Mr.moragoda also advice us how to arrange relevant documents. We had to face lot of problems as visa application was under process for more than six months making various queries and with all the support from Safeena, Mr.Moragoda and specially Mr.Thilakawardane who gave proper guidance. Finally I am so happy that I was granted a student visa and my husband and two children were granted dependent visas. I always remember the sincere, excellent and accurate service I received. I would like thank all the staff members of ACCHE. Thank you very much!
Diyan Jayawardana
Diploma in Professional Cookery, Cornell Institute of Business and Technology - New Zealand
I would like to thank the ACCHE Managing Director Mr.Moragoda and his Staff because they provided free consultation to apply for New Zealand Visa. They helped us always specially Miss.Priyanga, Mr.Devaka, Mr. Thilakawardane, Mrs.Safeena and Mr.Dushan. I thank all of you with my love and affection. I am grateful for granting dependent Visas for my husband and child. My husband became eligible for a full time work visa. Thanks for your valuable service we received with expected good results.
Sunethra Wijesinghe
Professional Cookery, Cornel Institute of Business Technology - New Zealand
I would like to thanks Mr. Moragoda and his Staff for giving me a good consultation for my Student Visa. I am grateful for extending their support always to prepare my application with supporting documents in order obtains to my student visa. Also I am impressed with their guidance and advice in selecting my course of study and obtaining letter of offer from a university. I am thankful to ACCHE for giving me information re living in Australia and also idea given me to serve my country after my foreign education.
Gayan Rajapaksha
Master Degree Professional Computing, Swinburne University of Technology - Australia
To be honest with you, that you were the reason that our dreams came true. Once we came to meet you and your staff, they direct us on the very correct path to the success and of course, Mr.Moragoda you have very strong personality which gain lots of respect from everyone. You will be a most dedicated person for those who are willing to study abroad like me. Beyond that Ms.Safeena has acted a great part to get it done step by step which were relevant to my visa. I have no more words to thank you all once again. Thank you very much!
Charuka Amarasekara
Diploma in Computing, N-TEC - New Zealand
I would like to thanks the ACCHE Managing Director Mr. Moragoda because He gave me proper guidance to apply for New Zealand student visa and explained the actual value of New Zealand Education. Eventually I received my visa through ACCHE. Thanks to Director and entire staff of ACCHE.
Ilmy Arafath
National Diploma in Computing, ICL Business School - New Zealand
I am in touch with ACCHE nearly one year I was an IELTS student at the Koswatta branch. Ms. Tania was the lecturer. She was a brilliant teacher. I think the reason I passed the IELTS exam is because of her way of teaching. Then Priyanga akki asked me to apply for my visa through her. Then she adviced me as to what steps I should take. Then I came to the Maharagama Branch. Ms. Yashika, Safeena helped me a lot, by giving me necessary information to prepare documents necessary for my student visa. Finally I got my visa as well. So I just want to thank all the ACCHE counselors including Managing Director Mr.Moragoda for being their valuable services for my success. So thank you very much once again.
Asela Weerasinghe
Diploma of Hospitality Management, Central Institute of Technology - Australia
When I first met Mr.Moragoda, I had no idea about what am I going to do or what should I do to obtain my goal. Nearly 7 months he guided me to reach my goal to be qualified for a student visa to Australia. He never let me give up the effort and encouraged even my parents. Finally, I really appreciate the staff of the Maharagama ACCHE. All of them including Safeena, Mr.Thilakawardane helped me a lot to obtain this visa. Actually I am very satisfied with their service which made me very comfortable on this specific task. I value guidance given to me as it will be quite helpful to settle down for my studies and living in Australia. I do value the grate idea given to me in the course of my preparation to proceed to Australia to do well in my studies and achieve great hights but never to forget my contribution to my own country. Especially I recommend the IELTS at ACCHE which was a part of my success in IELTS scoring 7.5 overall band score. IELTS lecturer paid individual attention to students. I do not hesitate to recommend this IELTS Class to students who are planning for Foreign Higher Education. Thanks a lot and I wish you great success in the future.
Ronasha Fernando
Diploma of Commerce, Queensland Institute of Business and Technology - Australia
I would like to thank Mr.Moragoda & his staff, especially Mrs.Safeena. I appreciate their services extended to obtain my student visa. I always think of the advice you gave me to serve our country after receiving a quality education and training in Australia. I am grateful to ACCHE for the valuable information provided for me to start my life in Australia and the advice you gave relevant to living in Australia. I wish to express my sincere thanks to everyone in ACCHE for extending their cooperation always to me.
Kanchanamala Kariyawasam
Associated Degree in Business, Holmesglen Institute - Australia
I must honestly thank everyone at ACCHE for getting me NZ Student Visa successfully. Specially for Ms.Priyanga for encouraging me to apply for NZ (Where I always wanted to be), and also Mrs.Safeena for all the trouble she had to go through with courier companies & embassy. I must also thank Mr.Thilakawardane and Mr.Moragoda for making sure that my application is complete and eligible for sending through to the embassy. Cheers for everyone else too.
Madhumal Perera
Diploma in Information and Communication Technologies, CPIT - New Zealand
I would like to thank Mr.Moragoda and the his staff. Mrs. Safeena has gave her best to me. Thanks Safee! Thank you everyone who helped me to get my Visa successfully. Though I am a National level Net Ball player Mr.Moragoda gave proper consultation to me and my parents in keeping with our requirement to select the professional course as I need to build up my future carrier in the field of hospitality. In fact I have passed My IELTS exam at ACCHE Maharagama and recommend any students to study for IELTS at ACCHE Maharagama.
Madushani Herath
Professional Cookery, Cornell Institute of Business & Technology - New Zealand
I would like thank to Mr.Moragoda, Mr.Thilakawardane, Mrs.Safeena and all staff members. Now I am really happy to have my visa due to the best service given to me by ACCHE staff with correct guidance to prepare documents to obtain my student visa. Once again thank you very much to all of you.
Mohamed Nazam
Diploma of Business Management, N-TEC - New Zealand
I remember the difficulties I had to undergo to prepare my visa documents I have not received accurate consultation with correct guidance from ACCHE. I would have given up my idea to proceed for studies to UK. At last I am so happy that my student visa has been granted. I followed IELTS classes at ACCHE under Mr.Devaka Silva and scored required marks for my UK higher education. I can recommend this IELTS class for students who plan to do their studies abroad. I wish to thank Mr.Moragoda and his team at ACCHE and offer my best wishes to them.
Sudarshani Fonseka
National Diploma in Beauty Therapy Science, Bridge Water College - United Kingdom
I am really grateful to Mr. Moragoda and counselor at ACCHE for their excellent consultation & guidance given to me for obtaining my student visa and also dependent visas to my husband and child. I wish to thank everyone at ACCHE for their friendly support. Also I am really impressed that you gave me the idea to think of my country after my education. I studied at ACCHE Negombo for IELTS exam and scored required marks for UK higher education. Mr. Devaka lecturer gave individual attention to improve my English. I express my sincere thanks to Mr. Devaka. Thanks ACCHE for friendly service given to me.
Niranjani Waidyasekara
National Diploma in Children, Bridge Water College - United Kingdom
I am very much pleased and happy about granting my student visa after a long period of processing, of about three months by British Border Agency in Chennai. I am aware that ACCHE staff did a complete and accurate job fulfilling all student visa requirements. I am grateful very much to ACCHE for Their friendly and accurate service. ACCHE is unique giving students personalized, supportive service which I have appreciate highly. I am very much thankful for the idea you have given me to have strong thoughts to serve my country after my education with acquired skills and knowledge. I studies IELTS exam at ACCHE and received individual help and guidance from IELTS lecturer Mr.Devaka Silva who gave me correct guidance all throughout. I have been able to score required marks at IELTS exam for UK higher education. I wish to express my sincere thanks and best wishes to Mr. Devaka. In conclusion I offer ACCHE staff my best regards.
Chamara Kulathunga
United Kingdom
I would like to thank Mr.Moragoda and staff members including Mr.Asiri and Mrs.Safeena. All of them help me and guided me to forward my visa documents. I believe they are capable persons to guide to obtain visa for any student.
Prabath Kumara
Private Pilot License, International Aviation Academy - New Zealand
I am so happy that my student visa has been granted mainly due to correct consultation given to me by Mr. Moragoda and ACCHE students’ counselors. I wish to extend my gratefulness to them for their accurate services given to me. I will carry the message to my friends to obtain ACCHE services for their student visas to study abroad. Thanks everyone at ACCHE for the support I received. I remember that you impressed me the fact that my knowledge gathered through foreign education should contribute for the benefit of my country on my return.
Pubudu Nilaga
BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business, City of London - United Kingdom
I wish to express my sincere thanks to ACCHE Managing Director and his staff as they provided a friendly service to me and my parents and gave correct guidance to prepare documents for obtaining my student visa. I and my parents are grateful to ACCHE staff for the service given. I believe that I will be able to build up my future career through studies in New Zealand. I studied and passed my IELTS Exam at Negombo Branch and could recommend any student to study for IELTS at this place.
Roshan Jayarathna
Diploma in Information Technology, Whitireia Community Polytechnic - New Zealand
I would like to thank Mr.Moragoda and specially Mrs.Safeena and Mr. Thilakawardane for giving me proper guidance to apply for my visa. Mr.Moragoda explained my parents the whole procedure and value of New Zealand Education. They are also grateful for Mr.Moragoda’s service. I studied and passed my IELTS Exam at ACCHE Maharagama where the lecturer Mr.Devaka gave individual attention to me. I can recommend this IELTS class to any student for scoring high marks. They gave a good service to obtain my student visa.
Sajath Hussain
Diploma in Business, ICL Business School - New Zealand
I would like to thank Mr.Moragoda and his staff. Thanks a lot for your great service. I believe that Mr.Moragoda and his senior staff are knowledgeable to give proper guidance and assist any student to obtain his/her visa to study in New Zealand. I would recommended any student to study for IELTS exam at ACCHE Negombo branch as I have studied and paned my IELTS exam there. Wish you all the best to ACCHE. Thanks Mrs.Safeena, Yashika, Gayani. Love you all.
Professional Cookery, Cornell Institute of Business & Technology - New Zealand
I applied for Chisholm Institute in Melbourne, Victoria to continue my higher studies in Nursing; with ACCHE’s efficient service I didn’t have any difficulty in obtaining my Student Visa for Australia. I’m so grateful to ACCHE staff for the commitment they showed throughout the program and I could recommend ACCHE for students who are planning to continue their studies abroad. It has to be mentioned that managing Director Mr.Moragoda and ACCHE counselors are so friendly and helpful on their service to students to select study courses and the educational institutions. Also they provide details of living in Australia and how a student could achieve the best quality of Australian education and not to forget serving the motherland after foreign education.
Shavendra Udayanga
Nursing, Chisholm Institute of Melbourne - Australia
I honestly thank Managing Director Mr.Moragoda and especially Mrs.Safeena, Yashika, Sadeepa, Gayani and Mr.Thilakawardane for your kind assistance to get my visa granted, as well as your Negombo and Koswatta Branch Staff.I am grateful for all the guidance given to prepare my documents to obtain my student visa. I wish to mention that I have studied for IELTS exam at Negombo branch and IELTS lecturer gave me individual attention to obtain higher marks. He is a very knowledgeable and experience person. I can recommend any student to study for IELTS there. I wish you all the very best ACCHE. Thank you so much!
Udayantha De Silva
Diploma of Business, Cornel Institute of Business and Technology - New Zealand
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