Country : Australia
Student name : Judith Ronasha Fernando
Course of Study : Diploma of commerce bachelor of business.
Education Provider : Queensland Institute of Business and Technology
Visa Granted : 15th July 2011

When I first met Mr.Moragoda, I had no idea about what am I going to do or what should I do to obtain my goal. Nearly 7 months he guided me to reach my goal to be qualified for a student visa to Australia. He never let me give up the effort and encouraged even my parents. Finally, I really appreciate the staff of the Maharagama ACCHE. All of them including Safeena, Mr.Thilakawardane helped me a lot to obtain this visa. Actually I am very satisfied with their service which made me very comfortable on this specific task. I value the guidance given to me as it will be quite helpful to settle down for my studies and living in Australia. I do value the great idea given to me in the course of my preparation to proceed to Australia to do well in my studies and achieve great heights but never to forget my contribution to my own country.

Especially I recommend the IELTS at ACCHE which was a part of my success in IELTS scoring 7.5 overall band score. IELTS lecturer paid individual attention to students. I do not hesitate to recommend this IELTS Class to students who are planning for Foreign Higher Education.

Thanks a lot and I wish you great success in the future.