Country : Australia
Student Name : Liyanage Dileesha Nuwanthi Sigera
Course of Studies : Certificate IV in University Foundation study, Diploma of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration
Education Provider : Sydney Institute of Business and Technology
Visa Granted Date : 08.08.2012

After I just completed my O/L examinations, I had an idea of continuing my higher studies with my other sisters in Australia. First I went to another agent and there I was rejected because of my very young age, where I had not done my A/Ls or followed a foundation program yet. Then I gave up the idea of going to Australia for my higher studies. However, for my good luck I came across the ACCHE and met Mr.Moragoda and his team. He has supported my father in preparing all my financial and all other related documents in a proper and an organized way. We by now were sure that I would not have received my visa so soon if not for ACCHE.. Now, I’m looking forward to start my foundation course in the beginning of October in SIBT College Sydney as a result of this. I have received the privilege of being a graduate at a very young age.

I and my parents convey our gratitude to Mr. Moragoda and his supportive staff for their utmost dedication and service in this regard.

We highly recommend this organization, ACCHE who are willing to go abroad.