Country : Australia
Student Name : Mohammed Adhil Nazeer
Course of Studies : Diploma of Medical Science Bachelor of Biomedical Science
Education Provider: La Trobe University
Visa Granted Date : 20/06/2016

I got to know about ACCHE from my friend Sachintha Bandara Herath. Honestly I was impressed about your consultation service as you gave me a clear idea about this higher education system. Moreover, I must thank you for the checklist which you gave me as a guideline in preparing my relevant documents. My Canadian friend Sam, who is a lawyer there, asked me to keep the full trust upon you when I discussed this procedure with him. Perhaps, he insisted me to keep trust upon you calming that you do not process any hidden motives and therefore you are a genuine person.

On the other hand, the tips you gave me when I got late to submit my visa application and other relevant documents were commendable. I felt that my friend Sachintha has taken me to the right man.

Sir, your student counselors are nice people. Especially I must mention about MS. Ravihari as she too did a great job in making this matter a success. All this is due to you as you were smart enough to find active individuals in this field.

Thereby, I was impressed on the client service of you and specially, having communication all the time with your clients. Finally I appreciate your service as you keep in touch with all of your students whom you have sent overseas for higher education.