Who we are?

ACCHE – Accredited Consultancy Centre for Higher Education (Pvt) Ltd. is duly registered under the Companies Act No. 7 of 2007 in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

We, at ACCHE have been functioning as a recognized, accredited agent in Sri Lanka for Overseas Student Recruitments mainly for countries such as Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Canada. Singapore, and Malaysia and some popular European destinations. Since 2006.  Our commitment is to transform lives by providing guidance and directions through expert foreign educational services for prospective aspirants during the past decade.

In this spirit, we are proud to say that our coordination with most foreign partnering organizations has always been exemplary in many ways at present. Our branch network spans with the Head Office being at Maharagama, a suburban town close to Capital City, Colombo. The other two are located in Negambo, a main city in the Western Province and in Kandy, the Capital City in the Central Province

We take special care in improving our student applicants’ English Language proficiency to ensure that they acquire the right level of IELTS competence.  Hence, ACCHE Academy of English provides this training at all its branches. We are a recognized Registration Centre and a Test Venue of British Council for IELTS. In attracting target groups, we believe that our unstinted name must have put the spotlight on the rational decisions that the prospective students and their parents make.

To be recognized as one of a new generation of great consultancy centers for foreign education in Sri Lanka and abroad – innovative, accessible, inspirational and outward looking; with international reach and remarkable local impact.
- Our Vission
To transform lives and provide credible solutions through expert foreign educational advice for students and their families in Sri Lanka and abroad.
- Our Mission

Why Choose Us


Goal 1

Expand student and scholar mobility in Sri Lanka and the number of resource personnel worldwide who participate in international education.

Goal 2

Serve as the leading resource to facilitate for new international education programs. Expand our work with governments, foundations, universities, and corporations worldwide to connect talented individuals with opportunities for education, training and internships.

Goal 3

Provide continued excellence and innovation to the process of recruiting and providing access to the foreign education.

Goal 4

Develop and scale up new and innovative ACCHE services, and initiatives that advance our core mission as it relates to: 1) study abroad, 2) supporting higher education in crisis, 3) empowering less privileged aspirants.

Goal 5

Measure service results and individual growth related to international education, cross-cultural understanding and employability after completing academic pursuits.

Goal 6

Support our team members so that they can have a productive and rewarding career at the Organization, while growing personally and professionally.

Our vision can be translated into well defined goals that constitute our mission. The following enumerate the major goals of the center.

It is our anticipation to derive attraction and develop confidence of students and their parents about ACCHE services with professional guidance to meet their requirements within foreign higher education system.

To become an outstanding customer service centre providing free consultancy to students enabling to select appropriate study courses with educational institutions and thereby increase our clientele for foreign higher education.

Sri Lanka is comprised of nine provinces. Our services within Western Province will be expanded to other provincial towns in Sri Lanka by establishing new Consultancy Centre’s and be a respected partner of the communities, where we provide our services.

o pay emphasis for improvement of English proficiency due to the fact that Local education system maintain Sinhalese as Medium of Instruction, students are facilitated to through ACCHE English Academy to gain English proficiency to obtain IELTS or TOEFL qualification required for foreign higher education.

Work with honesty, integrity and prove capability of ACCHE to gain recognition of Authorities in order to achieve the position of a trusted partner of Global education.

Recruit capable staff and provide them with professional in service training and thereby make them well equipped to serve students with accurate quality service and proper guidance.

Aruna P. Moragoda

Managing Director's Message

moragodalWe, at Accredited Consultancy Centre for Higher Education (Pvt) Ltd., ‘ACCHE’ are proud to provide accurate guidance to study in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia and many popular destinations in Europe. Being an Accredited Agent of more than 100 recognized foreign Educational Institutions, our wide range of services are tailor made to suit specific requirements of students who aspire to gain overseas education and fulfill their ambitions. We have positioned ourselves as a ‘Free One Step Shop’ by providing our professional services absolutely free of charge to students and their parents.

With a decade old contribution to promote foreign higher education market in Sri Lanka, we are naturally delighted to note that ACCHE has almost become a role model for many in this industry sector. Needless to say devotion, integrity, commitment and empathetic approach of our team members have brought us to where and who we are today.

Of course, we are determined to strive hard relentlessly. We are aware that our success as a foreign higher education facilitator in Sri Lanka is underpinned by our ability to forge strong partnerships with individuals, institutions and organizations everywhere.

We look forward to helping you make the right decision for your overseas higher education and supporting you until you accomplish your dreams!